• Software development for Emission Inventory
  • Health Surveys 
  • Tree Plantations
  • Participation at Kumbh Mela 2019 – PrayagRaj, Allahabad

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Green Health Foundation actively participates and executes diversified programs that are implemented for the betterment of the society. Our activities regard to water availability, cleanliness drives for garbage dumped areas, health services execution for deprived populations, village programs where interaction with local population is done to identify local problems with respect to water availability, education, health and sustainable solutions are designed. GHF also carries out health camps when required in order to identify missing links in the health sector where huge populations are concerned. GHF also involves itself in awareness campaigns where the audience is made more aware of environmental issues & modern-day solutions, health impacts, disease spread, alcoholism, tobacco use etc. We also arrange timely seminars/conferences where people can interact with think tanks and enhance their understanding on various issues.


It is an initiative by GHF that basically speaks about keeping it clean wherever you would wish to see. It brings about the fact that cleanliness is an important part of every being’s life and is an essential solution to individual & community health conditions.

GHF, while executing ISeeClean carries out a study of the area selected and identifies the poor parts with respect to health & sanitation. Post this based on the results, team enrolls in interaction with local people and finally awareness programs and cleanliness drives along with necessary technologies is applied so as to make the area clean and more sustainable.

This project can be implemented under CSR, as a sponsored project.

Gram Neer

It is a project to provide clean drinking water for villages where water purification & accessibility is a major issue. Villages, where a massive technology gap can be observed, are addressed with modern day technologies to improve their water quality.

GHF’s Gram Neer program initially concentrates on water sources available around the villages, its availability, accessibility and carries out a water quality assessment for the samples collected. Once this is done we provide suggestive measures in affordable limits to improve the water quality. Technology implementation may be done if necessary.

This project can be implemented under CSR or as a sponsored project.


Project Amrit is a dedicated water safety project for the urban poor communities. It is a way to provide them with knowledge and importance of safe drinking water. Making it available for them using appropriate technologies is also a part of the project.

GHF executes project Amrit by initially analyzing water availability and quality, identifying the root cause of the problem by analyzing the various aspects like prevailing sanitation conditions, public mindset, water source and disposal channeling and other environmental conditions and health. Giving need based solutions to improve the conditions and introduction of relevant technologies.

This project can be implemented under CSR or as a sponsored project.

Health A+

As the name suggest Health A+ aims to get an outstanding health status to all the people. Health is an important parameter for all yet we can observe gaps that may lead us to an unstable lifestyle.

This program evaluates people and communities on the basis of their health status. GHF executes this by carrying out health based questionnaire survey which focuses on the community perception, awareness, knowledge and status with respect to health. It is followed by suggestive measures to improve health and also conducting health camps and awareness programs. This project can be executed for corporate, factories, communities, residential areas, schools etc. This program includes

• Health Surveys & camps
• Blood Donation Camps
• Discussion over sanitation/cleanliness/anti tobacco use etc.


Urbanaqua is GHF’s water management project that assists people to have access to water in different possible ways so as to facilitate clean water for all and to manage resource supply in a way that its consumption doesn’t make a heavy load on the source. This generally includes managing sources, implementing technologies, making an inventory of water supply/usage/wastage and its actual need.

Urbanaqua implementations include improvement of water supply and consumption efficiency, assessment and upgrading drinking water quality. To increase economic efficiency of services to sustain operations and investments for water & wastewater, utilization of alternative water sources, including rainwater, reclaimed and treated water.

Simultaneously we also work to engage communities to reflect their needs and knowledge for water management & establish and implement policies/strategies to facilitate the above activities.

Smart Village

This programme aims to promote and strengthen integrated development in the rural area focusing on the key development sectors viz. Education, Health, Environment etc. This will include activities such as equipping the villages with modern technologies like modern gas chullas, installing gobar gas plants, health awareness campaign and exploring the use of other non- conventional energy resources. All this will help in benefiting the villagers in an overall improvement in their wellbeing from education to health to their lifestyle and livelihood.


Indoor air pollution sources release gases/particles into the air and are the primary cause of indoor air quality problems in homes. Inadequate ventilation can increase indoor pollutant levels by not bringing in enough outdoor air to displace emissions from indoor sources. There are many potential sources of indoor air pollution in an environment. These include combustion sources such as oil, gas, kerosene, coal, wood, and tobacco products; building materials and furnishings as diverse as deteriorated asbestos-containing insulation, wet or damp carpet, and cabinetry or furniture made of certain pressed wood products; products for household cleaning and maintenance, personal care like deodorants; central heating and cooling systems and humidification devices; and outdoor sources such as radon, pesticides etc. Outdoor air pollution has a great influence on our indoor air as many pollutants arrive in from outdoor air and remain trapped inside.

iAer is an initiative to improve the IAQ of Homes, Offices, Factories, Schools, Colleges etc. IAQ is important because people spend maximum time indoor. GHF intends to execute this initiative by carrying out air quality analysis and taking health survey, followed by solutions to improve the same.


Dharni is a study of ecological health of a particular area. The study is carried out by first identifying the biodiversity, followed by identification of the endangered species, and then identifying human environment conflict zones and potential ex-situ conservation zones in the area. After carrying out the above study we also design and implement specialized techniques/technologies to safeguard the biodiversity and ensure its healthy survival. Climate and health related projects are also undertaken in dharni.


It is an initiative by GHF to increase the awareness of various health and environmental issues. It is done by conducting various public awareness programs like:

• Cancer Screening Drives
• Tobacco Cessation Programs
• Radiation and Health Awareness Campaigns
• Maternal and child health
• Environment awareness
• Conferences and round tables
• Open discussions, forums etc.

Internship @ Green Health Foundation

GHF is accepting applications for internship towards Environmental & Health Projects

Required: 6 Months dedicated time for project

Interested students may email at info@greenhealthfoundation.in with their interest and application towards the project they wish to pursue. Post an application, a screening will be done, if the project seems in line with GHF’s objectives – students will be called for a discussion.

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