Corporate Social Responsibility

Health Care:

  • Health Survey & Health Camps for poor communities, Malnutrition assessment
  • Intervention programmes for Schools, Colleges, Companies, Factories
  • Awareness Campaigns for Specific cause; For eg: Quit Smoking
  • Technological assistance & implementation for PHC’s, etc.
  • Sanitation Programs: Bio toilets, Awareness drives, Technological Implementations

Environmental Aspects:

  • Awareness campaigns for Water, Air, noise, energy etc
  • Mega Tree Plantation Drives & Maintenance
  • Plantation with respect to residential environment & biodiversity
  • Generating livelihood through plantation serving Environment & Stabilizing income sources
  • Maintenance of plants with regular monitoring
  • Research Based solutions for water quality enhancement, air quality, noise & soil
  • Animal welfare & protection programs
  • Energy program: renewable energy sourcing, energy efficient technology use
  • Solid waste solutions: awareness programs for e-waste, biomedical waste, msw & technological implementation like organic waste convertor use, etc.

Rural Development Projects:

  • Implementation for water quality, soil quality.
  • Farming solutions for sustainability
  • Water availability projects towards farming
  • Research based projects for contamination testing
  • Energy program: Renewable Energy use
  • Village Development Programmes: Research based technology implementation for water, indoor air, health etc.

Human Resources:

  • Promoting education and research for poor communities
  • Empowering poor communities with education tools, eg: computer training
  • Driving employment based programmes, eg: jewellery making workshop
  • Awareness programs & interactive sessions for enhancement with experts
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