EduGreen Instil Program

The environmental conditions are dwindling every day. Many new activities are being lined up for progress and development which is directly or in directly affecting the green cover. With the lessening of number of trees, climate change and global warming will become more prominent causing the rise of numerous other diseases thus creating unrest among the population.

The current tree count for the World is 3.04 trillion, sounds massive but is actually 46% less than what existed before the agricultural phase and human activities began. This huge difference can be felt today in the form of rising diseases, unstable climatic conditions, extreme environmental catastrophes and much more.

The solution as we see it is not only planting new trees but is also caring for the ones existing currently. For doing so it is very necessary to instil the value of green cover among the future generations so that caring for the green cover becomes a Muscle memory.

In view of the above, Green Health Foundation initiated a movement across colleges and schools of Mumbai for instilling the true value of green among students, under its tree plantation initiative ForessttANation. The program, Edugreen Instil Program, will focus on bringing environmental issues close to the students so that the necessary actions can be taken by them, not as a pressured move but as a Fun activity.

The EduGreen Instil Program focuses on discussion of 8 themes with students in the form of presentations where the global scenario and other environmental activities, including some researches carried out, is explained to the students in simpler formats. Along with this, GHF also carries out interactive sessions for 30 minutes per month in the institute premises where students will be given a better understanding on the environmental issues. The program also has a REAL TIME activity of growing plants form seeds level where GHF will provide the required material along with the instructions for growing the plants.

In case of colleges, GHF conducts similar sessions with the colleges, but the Real Time plant growth activity is carried out in plastic bottles & pots with the seeds collected from juice vendors where the lost green potential is revived. The entire activity is monitored by GHF and required instructions and help is provided.

GHF intends to run this program continuously through various campuses and generate more than 10,000 trees per year.

For the program, the interested schools and colleges are requested to mail at

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EduGreen Instil Program – Phase 1

The phase 1 of the program rules out successfully where Green Health Foundation interacted with 16 institute across Mumbai. Some of them were Institute of Science, Ruia College, Jai Hind College, Kanakia Schools and more.

The phase 1 reached out to more than 5000 students and also created 1000 Plants which are currently nutured by our expert team where they are preparing these plants for plantation in the coming monsoon. 

The phase was supported by KANAKIA Group.

The Phase 1 of our program was covered on All India Radio, 25th April 2017 (5.30 PM- 6.00PM) where RJ Amita interviewed our Program’s Co-ordinator towards the details of the Program and also made an open approach to all listeners to connect with the movement.

Use #ghfegip on facebook to unfold the event.


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