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World Environment Day

Managing risks from extreme events will be a crucial component of climate change adaptations. Actively working with national governments to highlight the role of urban governance and policy to deliver cost-effective responses to climate change explore the city-scale risks of climate change. In line with the theme of UNEP i.e. Raise your Voice, Not the Sea level, GHF in association with Indian Environment Association (IEA) organized half a day workshop on World Environment Day, 5th June 2014, in Worli Mumbai.

The event focused on some very relevant themes like Science and Economics of sea level changes, Renewable Energy and other Green Technologies: An overview, Carbon Footprint of Mumbai & other Indian Cities, Cluster Development of Bhendi Bazaar, Urban Design & Transportation Planning, Environmental Health.

Starting the event, Dr. Rakesh Kumar spoke about the relevance of the event with today’s day to day life and how it will help and guide all of us, The event noted the presence of many eminent speakers like Dr. R.N. Singh Sr. Scientist, INSA Prof. Soli J. Arceivala, Member, Environment Health, UN/WHO, Mr. Quais Fatehi , Architect, Bhendi Bazaar Redevelopements Projects, Ms. Paromita Roy, Dy. Director , Unified Traffic and Transportation Infrastructure, (Planning & Engineering) Centre (Uttipec), Dr. Sunali Khanna, Asst. Prof. (Dept. of Oral Medicine & Radiology), Nair Hospital Dental College. As these topics are new buzz words in the filed of health and environments, the audience were enriched by this event. The event ended with a vote of thanks by Ms. Archita Bharti.

One day workshop - Awareness & We

Green Health Foundation (GHF) organized a one day workshop on “Awareness & We”. The theme of the workshop was “Complexities interlinking Health and Environment in Today’s Context”, in Mumbai on 21st August 2014. The supporting partner of this event was NEERI (National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, Mumbai Zonal Lab)

Plenary lectures, platform presentations papers and posters presentations were focused on very relevant issues like Linking Environment & Health, Radiation & Environment, Green Building & its future, Environment & Eye, Climate Change & Impacts, Water Sanitation & Rain Water Harvesting, Lifestyle modifications to prevent cardiac diseases. Dr. Jairaj Phatak, IAS was the Guest of honour on the occasion. He enlighten the audience on – Role of civic administration in public health. Convener Dr. Sunali Khanna spoke on the need of organising the workshop.

The Event was attended by many distinguished speakers like Ms. Mala Singh, CMD, PEC solutions, Dr. Bhavin Jankharia, Consultant Radiologist, SRL Diagnostics, Dr. Sunil Morekar, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, Dr. R. V. Sharma, Former Dy. Director Gen of Meteorology IMD, Mr. Shashidhar Kashyap, Consultant, Dr. Narender Bansal, HOD Dept of Cardiology, Sir J.J. Hospital. The audience thoroughly enjoyed and get more aware by the event. The event ends with a heartfelt vote of thanks to the entire audience and distinguished delegated and speakers.

ISeeClean at Natwar Parekh Compound

Natwar Parekh Compound, Govandi was experiencing a bad environment with garbage being disposed all over the place and sewage pipelines being full and overflowing. Wastewater from sewage lines was observed to be oozing out from the sewage system & spreading over the area. Apart from this, garbage disposal by people wasn’t channeled properly and people were disposing off the garbage in the space between the buildings which had created a pile up of garbage of about 2ft. This accumulated garbage was a continuous source of foul odor & a home for diseases. GHF took an initiative for cleaning the area up (building 1-12). People were hired by GHF for cleaning the sewage system by allowing free flow of water by unclogging the lines. A garbage picker was appointed and all the garbage disposed in a haywire fashion was collected and the place was cleaned up.

Awareness campaigns with respect to proper garbage disposal and importance of the cleanliness and sanitation was done by GHF. Due to these efforts from the organization, Natwar Parekh Compound has now appointed a regular garbage collector who maintains the surrounding clean. GHF has been continuously monitoring the area since then to maintain the look and cleanliness of the area and has also been involved in awareness programs to keep the interest of people towards cleanliness alive.

Interactive sessions at Natwar Parekh Compound

To deal with the water, sanitation and hygiene problem at Natwar Parekh Compound, MAHADA Colony, GHF has launched Project Amrit there. To start up the activity as a part of our Stage I action plan, GHF organized an Awareness Campaign called “Jagriti.” on Maharashtra Day i.e. 1st May 2014. The GHF team had invited doctors as a part of the Awareness Campaign.

GHF organized an Awareness Campaign and Interactive Session, with the residents of Natwar Parekh Compound. In the session, the families were made aware of the facts and myths of a hygienic environment. Why it’s necessary to maintain a good condition in the area, how they can move ahead in this. The kind of problem they are facing in their day to day life regarding water and sanitation etc. In the Interactive Session, doctors were the guest speakers for the event. They gave lectures on the importance of the hygienic condition in and around the house and the society. Also, they said what the after effect could be of living in unhygienic conditions and how their family gets affected by this. People’s general doubts relating to hygiene, sanitation and illness were also cleared.

Apart from this, a Drawing Competition was organized for the children of age group of 5-15 yrs. The subject of the drawing was “Sanitation and Surrounding.”

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