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Plantation Drive at Institute of Science (IOS)

A plantation drive was conducted in Institute of Science (IOS) campus by GHF with a motto to increase the green cover of the campus and to increase the survival rate of the plants. The survival rate of the plants would be increased as the institute would take care of the added green cover along with their existing plants.

The Plants which were planted in the campus premises were ornamental plants Palm and Ficus species and fruiting plants like lemon.

Blood Donation Camp at Bhayander

“A Blood Donation Camp Was organized at Maxus mall, Bhayandar on 29th November 2015. Environmental awareness was clubbed with the blood donation camp to enhance public approach as well as to spread environmental awareness among people. The camp was organized by KUTCH YUVAK SANGH and supported by Green Health Foundation, Lions Club Of Mira Bhayandar Galaxy, Leo Club of Mira Bhayandar Galaxy, Kartavya a part of life & Ahinsa.

GHF’s role for the event was to design the THEME Environment for Blood Donation Camp and to contribute to the camp. As theme partners to the event, GHF designed banners for public awareness on Water Wastage & Water issues as diseases and contamination problems. The camp was conducted by Mira-Bhayandar Municipality Blood Bank. Every donor was rewarded with a certificate and was given a Tulsi sapling towards appreciation of Blood Donation Activity and interactions were made during the process to ensure that true sense of environmental awareness was delivered to each donor & people around. Also there were cut outs of Leaf and Trees made which were worn by volunteers to attract people for the causes as well as spread awareness on the theme. The Camp received about 200 bottles of blood which was submitted to the municipal blood bank.

Green Health Foundation looks forward to such more camps where a combination of themes can be done to make the atmosphere more interactive and to promote various issues from a single stage.”

Pot Plantation at SVM, Vasai

In the race of development, we humans are accelerating urbanization and industrialization at a very alarming rate. Major impacts of this rapid development can be very prominently seen on the green cover of the world. Due to the much wanted rapid development the green cover of the planet is been replaced with the concrete jungles. Concrete areas are increasing along the city at a rapid rate. During monsoons, maintenance of such areas becomes easier and hence nearby environment remains cleaner throughout due to no soil erosion. Thus concrete is a preferred material overall. But this activity reduces the capacity of soil to absorb heat and water thus reflecting more heat and due to less water seepage; ground water recharge too is reducing. Also plantation activity on such land becomes impossible as plant survival is difficult. Hence GHF carried out a pot plantation drive at the college to enhance the environment with additional green cover. Using pots at concrete lands will allow us to plant numerous trees with eco-importance and also not disturb the purpose of concreting.

Green Health Foundation conducted a pot plantation initiative at Sheth Vidya Mandir English High School and Junior College of Science and Commerce on 1st September 2015, along with volunteers from Royal College, Mira Road. Plantation of plants like Duranta, Dracaena, Ficus etc. was carried out. Pot plantation allowed us to make pre concreted college area turn green. As the plants are planted inside the campus, care for the plants shall be done along with the present plants in the campus thus increasing the survival rate of the plantation.

GHF will be making frequent visits to the place to keep a check on plant health and will contribute towards sustenance of the green cover.

Fruit Plant Plantation Drive at Aarey Colony

Trees are one of the main components of the environment which help in balancing the ecosystem as a whole. Unwanted cutting of trees and deforestation are harming our climate and ecosystem to a large extent. The effect can clearly be seen by a gradual increase in the global temperature and thus this is a global concern. Thus, plantation of trees is a crying need of the time.

To mitigate the effects of deforestation Green Health Foundation conducted a tree plantation drive in association with NAATA Foundation in the Village zone of Aarey Colony, Mumbai on 11th July, 2015, with help of volunteers from Sandesh College, Vikhroli and Royal College, Mira Road

One day prior to the plantation activity, GHF along with volunteers carried out digging of holes for plants. On 11th July 2015, plantation mainly fruiting plants was carried out so as to provide the villagers with employment and also an added incentive to care for plants. Also, the plants would increase the green cover of the city. Along with the fruiting plants, some non-fruiting plants too were planted. A total of 70 plants were planted on the day.

After the completion of the plantation drive the members of NAATA Foundation and Rotary Club of Bombay, Film City were given a token of appreciation in the form of Thank you letter for being present in the plantation drive and improving the tree cover of the city and supporting GHF. As a token of appreciation, they were also provided with a Tulsi sapling. The volunteers were provided with certificates for participating in the plantation Drive.

Numerous plantation drives take place along the year but due to lack of understanding of the importance of green cover, many of the planted friends die. Hence, GHF planted fruit plants so as to balance the environmental damage as well as provide fruits to villagers which would be the incentive for them to care.

GHF will be making frequent visits to the place to keep a check on plant health and will try its best to sustain the green cover spread by us. We look forward to creating a greener and sustainable appearance to the planet. We wish to ReGreen everything!!!

World Environment Day - 2015

World Environment Day celebrated on 5 June 2015 at Ambernath Nagar Parishad In association with SOCLEEN, Thane Municipal Commissioner, Green Health Foundation, WTERT and Oculus Foundation. The event started off with an inaugural ceremony of lighting the lamp by all the dignitaries and planting trees on the ground of Ambernath Nagar Parishad Office. Ms. P. Bansode , President of Ambernath Nagar Parishad delivered a speech on environment day.

Shri Vasant Jadhav, Thane Municipal Commissioner also addressed the gathering. His talk dealth with many problems around the city such as taking care of the trees planted on environment day, Particulate matter pollution and its effect on health of policemen, sanitation conditions for women, Education & awareness among the school children wrt environment, climate change and plastic ban.

Mr. Salil Javeri from Oculus Foundation quoted that problems are not problems but are situations that need to be handled with care. He went on further to discuss the importance of various technologies like Rain water harvesting, solar products etc. He also spoke about vehicular pollution, cleanliness and IAQ issues.

Prof Dr. A.D.Sawant, former Pro-Vice Chancellor , Mumbai University and President of SOCLEEN addressed the UNEP environment day theme ‘7 Billion Dreams, 1 Planet, Consume with care’. Further he also discussed eco friendly technologies and gave a presentation on the various ill-effects of lead and the need to address the problem immediately.

A gracious Vote of Thanks was given to all the speakers and audience. The day ended on a positive note and lots of eco-friendly thoughts.

National Seminar - Sustainable Solutions to Water, Wastewater and Solid Waste

A national seminar on “Sustainable Solutions to Water, Wastewater and Solid Waste” was organized by A N College, Patna on 8th & 9th May 2015. Discussions over water sources, contamination, treatment processes, distribution & availability and solid waste scenario in Patna etc were made at the conference. Green Health Foundation presented a talk on “Health Assessment & Water Quality Assessment for a Poor Community” as we believe that these are the sections of society that are more exposed to the problems. The seminar discussions over finding sustainable solutions included on how Patna can reach a sustainable limit where problems of fresh water contamination and solid waste for the city can be managed efficiently. With respect to the discussion, GHF believes that in order to create a holistic good image of an area it is necessary to regulate the poor communities too as their no up gradation & unhurried betterment will cause serious gaps in the balanced, sustainable image that was envisioned. Hence GHF acted as an associate to the seminar and also represented an essential section of the society & their problems – poor communities.

Health Camp At Rasal village,Pali

A one day Health Camp in Rasal village, Pali in Maharashtra was organized by GHF with a team of doctors on 15th March 2015. The main objective of the camp was to provide free health check-up to the villagers so that health problems of the villagers could be detected and thus resolved. The doctors interacted with the patients about their past illness and the treatment which was implied for the same. The problem they were facing currently was diagnosed and treatment which they would require was prescribed. The attendees were also made aware of general healthy habits in an interactive session. The doctors also shared a conversation with the children about their daily habits and healthy lifestyle benefits. A follow up will be made to the villagers who were advised for treatments & GHF will carry out a random survey to detect if the message conveyed at the camps on healthy lifestyle habits is followed.

3rd International Conference: Green Health 2015

3rd International Conference: ‘Green Health 2015’ was organized by Green Health Foundation in association with CSIR-NEERI, IIT, BARC, MoEF, CPCB, MPCB, & other departments from 20th to 22nd February 2015 at Nehru Center, Worli, Mumbai-400 018. The Conference witnessed International speakers from all over the world where they presented their work. The Conference attracted around 200 delegates from around the country. Over 30 high end research papers were presented in the conference along with student papers on topics like ‘Management of Chemotherapy induced Dysgeusia: An important step towards nutritional rehabilitation.’; ‘Hybrid cavitation wet air oxidation pretreatment of Complex Industrial Wastewater for Enhanced Biodegradability.’; ‘EGCG-A promising anticancer phytochemical’; ‘Impact of Indoor Air Quality on Health Symptoms in a Residential Area’ etc. The conference was also awarded 18 CDE points.

Shri. Sanjay Mukherjee, Addl. Municipal Commissioner, MCGM had graced the conference with his presence. The Conference was one of its kinds as it was the first initiative in India synergistically addressing environment and health research.


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