Executed programs:






Interactive session with residents of Latur in Mumbai
Due to a shortage of potable water since 2 years in Latur district of Maharashtra, some people of the district have come to Mumbai in search of water, food and employment. One such area where they are living is in Bhattwadi area (Ghatkopar).

When a visit to Bhattwadi area was conducted it was observed that about 300-400 people from Latur and Nanded district of Marathwada region were living in the area since Diwali. In Bhattwadi area water is supplied with the help of tank by BMC. There are some organizations which are providing them food and clothes to help them for their survival. Bhattwadi dwellers work on daily wages (bigari) and their income is Rs.300/400 depending on work available to them. Some of them would return after the rains for farming and some have already returned. To understand their situation at Bhattwadi some questions on health and conditions in the area were also asked.

Launch of TAP program at Institute of Science(IOS)
Green Health Foundation has launched the TAP (The Awareness Program) for awareness on water wastage and conservation techniques. The awareness program will run through social media. Various organizations, corporate, Educational Institutions, Research Institutions were invited to be a part of this nationwide awareness campaign.

One of the very first Educational institutions to voluntarily participate in the program was the Institute of Science (IOS), Mumbai. An interaction session was organized with the students to explain them in detail about TAP. Interaction session lasted for more than one and half hours and More than 50 students participated in the program. Awareness pamphlets were distributed among the students and teachers. All the participants showed great interest in the program and Green Health Foundation was felicitated with a bouquet of flowers for its initiation to stand for a social cause.

Students Interaction Program- Somaiya College
Environmental Science department of K.J.Somaiya College conducts an annual festival called convergence. The whole festival is known to be a carbon neutral event and is one of its kinds in Mumbai. The event witnesses many students from all over Mumbai to participate in various activities conducted during the festival. Green Health Foundation had set up a stall in this event. Games like quiz were organized for participant’s and the prizes were given in the form of a tulsi plant. This encouraged students of various fields to know more about the field of environment. More than 70 students volunteered to fill a survey on water awareness which will later be used to design a water awareness campaign.
Free Plant Distribution Drive
A free Plant distribution drive was carried out during the Reunion event at Somaiya College, Vidyavihar on 16th January 2016. The saplings of “Ocimum tenuiflorum” commonly known as tulsi plant were distributed. The plant is well known for its medicinal properties and to purify the indoor air quality of households. Owing to these properties people were encouraged to plant and take care of the sapling. Suggestions for healthy growth of the plants were also given. This ultimately helps in aiding to increase a little bit of the greenery in the planet.

There was also a model demonstration of a “sustainable building” which explained the various technologies that can make urban environment eco-friendly without compromising on the comforts. Technologies like rain water harvesting, vermicomposting, Solar panels and algal panels that address problems like water scarcity, solid waste, and, high electricity usage. The processes were explained in detail and encouraged the young crowd to learn about eco-friendly ways of living.

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