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Tree Plantation at D.A.V College,Bhandup

The D.A.V college is placed at Bhandup (E), Mumbai. The college holds a huge campus which has trees placed throuhgout the region. We recently carried out a fruit plant plantation drive in the area with the image of making fresh fruits available to students and college staff. Also the trees planted would serve as an addition to its green cover. The activity was carried out with enthusiastic students where they enjoyed digging holes, planting tress and then finally watering them (a minimum, as rains were already here!)


The Activity forms a part of our AIM to plant trees in the city area to increase the green cover of the city under our tree plantation initiative – ForessttANation!



Xavier School of Sustainability (XSoS) workshop on Skills for Air Quality Management (SAQM)

Two-day’s workshop was organized by Xavier School of Sustainability (XSoS) on Skills for Air Quality Management (SAQM)
at Xavier University Bhubaneswar (XUB) on 12th and 13th July, 2016 to increase the awareness regarding measurement of fine
particles and thus improving the scientific understanding of the particulate assessment. The workshop was supported by NEERI
(National Environmental Engineering Research Institute), Green Health Foundation and United States-India Educational Foundation.

The workshop was attended by faculties of Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT), Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH),
students of Xavier School of Sustainability, MITS School of Biotechnology, Utkal University and Utkal Institute of Engineering & Technology.

The topics covered in the workshop were Introduction to PM2.5 monitoring, Factor Analysis for Air Monitoring Data,
Systemic approach for mitigating Air Pollution, Vehicular subsystem measures with some case studies and other
air quality management techniques. Lastly Health Effects due to Air pollution were explained.

Along with the interactive and informative sessions of the workshop there was also a session where different air monitoring instruments were shown;
their principle along with the procedure was explained too. The attendees, faculty members and students were given hands
on experience on the instruments as well. The instruments which were used by Green Health Foundation and EPRI were Dust Track and
Air Metrics for measuring Particulate Matter which is present in the air.

With such a positive result which was seen among the students with respect to operating air sampling equipments,
Xavier’s University decided to carry out same session in the some of the schools in Bhubaneswar which is held in
“KIIT International School” and “DAV Public School”.

To aware students about air pollution, its causes and simple precautions, a small session was carried out in the village school at Bhubaneswar.

E-paper link of the workshop in Telegraph paper of Orissa


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Tree Plantation at Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Deforestation is clearing the earth at massive rate which is reducing the quality of environment. Regular plantation or in other words reforestation needs to be carried out to improve the environment.

Green Health Foundation carried out tree plantation activity at Sanjay Gandhi National Park on 1st July, 2016 in accordance with the government of Maharashtra’s plan for plantation of 2 crore trees across Maharashtra. The activity was undertaken under the foressttANation initiative of GHF. The volunteers from Royal College and Sandesh College were involved in the activity. The plants included Amla, Neem, Bamboo and many more.

ForessttANation will be continuously practiced by GHF so that the green cover of the country can be improved to a large extent and thus counter balance the impacts caused due to anthropogenic activities.

Plantation drive at MSAA, Powai

Benefits of planting trees range from environmental health to economics even psychological effects. Planting trees and then maintaining them reduce pollution, energy cost as well as increase green cover making the surrounding look soothing. Trees have numeral benefits other than mentioned above such as it saves water, prevents soil erosion and provide food as well as shelter to animals and humans.

To enhance the green cover a plantation drive was carried out at Maharashtra State Angling Association (MSAA) Powai, Mumbai by GHF on 21st September 2016 along with the volunteers from Ghanshyamdas Saraf College of Arts & Commerce. Plants like Ficus species, Hibiscus, Crepe jasmine were selected and planted. GHF will make frequent visits to check the survival rates as well as the health of the plants.

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